Sunday, September 6, 2009

Passive Fishing

While almost all cranes in the group had returned after fishing, one crane was still in the calm waters of the river. This crane was known to be inefficient at fishing, not that its fishing skills were bad, the crane, however was more intrested in looking at its own reflection in the river, than at catching fish. The crane was fascinated looking at its own image in the river that it hardly paid any attention to the fishes swimming below the surface of the river. The elders in the group had previously warned the crane of dangers when not concentrating on the job.

While not concentrating on the job could only lead the crane to go hungry, this time it turned out to be costly. The crane which got carried away looking at its own image in the river, stepped on a snake swimming below the surface, which attacked the crane with a deadly bite ending the crane's life.

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